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The Basic Cryptocurrency Trading Course

  • Categories Cryptocurrency
  • Duration 1h
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  • Last Update 15/03/2021
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What Will I Learn?

4 Lessons
  • An understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies
  • How to use and navigate crypto exchanges
  • How to identify patterns and trends on a trading chart
  • Technical analysis and how to use different types of technical indicators
  • How to day trade
  • How to develop a trading strategy
  • How to incorporate risk management into your trades
  • How to conduct margin trading


This course is for people that truly want to learn how cryptocurrency trading works and how they can capitalize on their trading opportunities. Starting from any level of trading knowledge, we will teach you about blockchain technology, technical analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and everything else you need to be a successful cryptocurrency trader. The BeInCrypto Trading Course is designed to walk you through the entire trading process, leaving no stone unturned as we guide you through our lessons.

Try your first demo crypto trade or buy a real crypto coin with a StormGain crypto exchange:

• No previous trading experience required.

• Available to anyone who wants to learn the truth about cryptocurrency trading.

Are you new to cryptocurrency trading? Or even an experienced trader? Either way, this course is for you! We start with the fundamentals and teach you every aspect of trading you would need to learn before conducting your first trade. We also teach about specific tools, methodologies, and trading strategies that will help you along your trading journey.

With such a new asset class, you have the opportunity to be a pioneer in the cryptocurrency trading space Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, and you have the opportunity to learn about this fascinating new asset class and how to navigate it as you learn to trade. Like any revolutionary technology, once it takes off there is no turning back, so teach yourself everything you need to know today to stay ahead of the curve.

Knowledge is power What you learn in this class will not only help you understand blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and trading but how to broadly understand trading in all financial markets. You will have the opportunity to use these newfound skills not only for trading but also for many other endeavors in the blockchain and financial space.

Our approach to teaching We want to make sure you understand all the concepts we cover, so we offer a quiz at the end of each lesson to reinforce what you’ve just learned. We also offer webinars, seminars, and the opportunity to ask questions directly to the creators of the course through our Telegram channel.

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Topics for this course

Intro to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency?

You'll learn: 1. What the Blockchain is and how it works. 2. Why cryptocurrencies became so popular and what their difference with classic money is. 3. Which place Bitcoin takes. Try your first demo crypto trade or buy a real crypto coin with a StormGain crypto exchange:

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Tools

Patterns and Trends

Intro to Technical Analysis – Moving Averages & MACD

About the instructor

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David Borman

On Academy since 08.10.2019
David is a freelance writer with a specialty in technology and cryptocurrency. He has been writing his whole life, but professionally for two years and hopes to stay in the field forever. In addition to cryptocurrency, David follows politics, current events and financial news.

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Material Include

  • 4 video lessons
  • 4 quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Lifetime free access
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  • No previous requirements needed. Watch every course lesson video and complete each quiz to get your certification from the BeInCrypto Trading Academy

Target Audience

  • New and inexperienced cryptocurrency traders who want to begin their journey of cryptocurrency trading mastery
  • Traders looking to get an edge on the market